We Make Healthcare Accessible A New Definition For Telemedicine


High-tech text chats are available 24/7

In any time in the day and over the night you are able to chat with doctors and express yourself clearly on your own way, doctors are available and ready to chat as well on the other end.

Private & secured

Secured consultations which are kept in one place

All consultations are encrypted and secured to assure the safety of the consultation and give the patients the needed space to simulate the real consultations in the digital world.

Photos & Videos

Upload photos & videos from the comfort of your home

Expressing a medical case would be impossible without the ability to share pictures and videos that strengthen the counseling process, Cura allows you to upload unlimited media into your chat.

Video calls

Face-to-face connections with doctors for better counseling

Live conversations are just the best for some cases; get to talk face to face with your authorized specialist

Video Notes

Recordings are just the right step to express yourself

Recording helps in archive your history better and get permanent data to get in to in any point of the consultation time.

Our Services.


Cura Premium

Cura Premium the only service that offers full healthcare presence for you and your family. By this service, you are able to call an on demand-doctor right away 24/7 from anywhere.

  • 24/7 On Demand Doctors

    In monthly subscriptions, you are able to talk to a doctor 24/7 since doctors are always there and ready for immediate response.

  • Suitable For Individuals & Families

    Allows you and your family in the same time, it's a money saver.

  • Time Saver For Low To Medium Urgent Cases

    This service approved its efficiency in helping people in low to medium urgent cases and get them served immediately.


Pay Per Consultation

With Cura you can get a specialized consultation from a doctor of your choice. Usually, doctors specialists can take from 4 to 6 hours and we guarantee an answer within 24 hours max.

  • Choose Among Hundreds Of Doctors

    Pay per consultation allows you to search among hundreds of doctors in different clinics and choose your doctors based on his certificates and experiences which are listed in his profile.

  • Secured & Authenticated Consultations

    Cura is the right place to ask for a secured consultation and get it from authenticated specialist since all consultations are encrypted.

  • Follow Up & Tell Us Your Feedback

    By Pay per consultation you can ask for a doctor follow up on a closed consultation and re-open it also you can submit your feedback on the doctor and the service as well.

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