Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cura?

Cura is a virtual platform to enable communication between users and doctors to take medical consultations, diagnosis, prescriptions and health care programs, and it is provided in the form of a visit to the doctor’s virtual clinic through the Cura App which provides immediate direct conversations, whether by visual, audio and text messages at the same time.


What are the services provided by Cura?

Cura provides three main services, we list them briefly here, and you can refer to the description of each service in detail in the following questions:

  1. Instant consultations (not covered by health insurance): These are general and quick health questions that are answered by family doctors on duty 24 hours a day to support health decisions for you and your family, and they often guide or refer you to the appropriate specialist doctor.
  2. Specialized Tele-Consultations (covered by health insurance according to specialization): These are accurate health questions that require a diagnosis, drugs, or other medical opinion, and answered by a consultant doctor or a trained specialist in a medical specialty. It is obtained without prior appointment.
  3. Telehealth programs (not covered by health insurance): These are weekly telehealth sessions with doctors and health therapists aimed at achieving a specific health goal.


What payment methods are provided by Cura?

Cura provides several payment methods through credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, or Mada activated cards for online purchase or by bank transfer.


How do I recharge Cura Credit?

Recharging Cura Credit can be done by bank transfer to one of Cura’s bank accounts and sending a copy of the bank transfer receipt on WhatsApp, for more details, please visit the following link


What is specialized Tele-Consultation?

Service description: They are accurate health questions that require a diagnosis, medications, or other medical opinion, and are answered by a consultant physician or a trained specialist in a medical specialty. It is obtained without prior appointment.

Duration of the consultation: 15 minutes with the consultant and a free 5-minute review is available within 14 days.

Doctor: There are more than 3 thousand doctors in more than 200 different medical specialties such as (children, women, obstetrics, internal medicine, surgery, etc. …).

Response speed: The maximum appointment for a doctor to answer is 6 hours or 24 hours, depending on the doctor’s availability, and most doctors answer within a few hours. When the doctor’s case is yellow, he will respond within 24 hours as a maximum. When the doctor’s case is green, he answers within 6 hours as a maximum.

Availability of the service: 24 hours, according to the doctor’s condition

Objective: To answer accurate and specialized health questions in a particular specialty to obtain a diagnosis, a prescription, a second medical opinion, or professional medical advice.

Number and usage limits: The user can request any number of specialized consultations without limit. But health insurance covers a certain number of consultations per month or year, and any consultation outside the coverage limits is paid by the user.

Insurance coverage: covered by health insurance according to the desired specialty


What is Instant Tele-Consultation?

Service description: These are general and quick health questions that are answered by family doctors on duty 24 hours a day to support health decisions for you and your family, and they often guide you or refer you to the appropriate specialist doctor.

Consultation time: 5 minutes only, without review

Doctor: The doctor is either a family medicine doctor or a general practitioner

Response speed: less than 5 minutes

Service availability: 24 hours

Objective: To answer general health questions, or request a transfer to a specific specialty

Number and usage limits: Unlimited number of consultations for Cura Monthly Premium members

Insurance Coverage: Not covered


What do we mean by telehealth programs?

Description of the service: It is a weekly remote therapy sessions with doctors and health therapists aiming to achieve a specific health goal. Such as losing weight, treating social phobia, or following a chronic disease, among others. It usually lasts 6 weeks and varies from program to program.

Duration of consultation: 45 minutes per week with a doctor or therapist specialized and trained in the field of the program

Physician: There are distinguished doctors and therapists in every program who are trained to guide you through the steps of the program

Speed ​​of response: All treatment sessions are pre-scheduled sessions.

Availability of the service: According to the availability of the dates of each program.

Objective: To achieve a specific health goal, such as: facing social phobia, eliminating anxiety, losing weight, changing lifestyle, or monitoring a chronic disease.

Number and usage limits: The user can request any number of programs provided that duties and exercises are adhered to and not interrupted

Insurance Coverage: Not covered


Does health insurance cover medicines, tests and x-rays through Cura?

Yes, but according to the member’s coverage and it is not removed or requested from Cura. Cura gives the prescription and then the user submits it to the pharmacy, and the pharmacy submits the approval request to the insurance company. As for the analyzes and x-rays, they are currently not available inside Cura.


Can I get a prescription without health insurance?

Yes, Cura prescriptions are dispensed by the doctor and can be dispensed from any pharmacy.


Do I have to come in a specific location to get advice?

You do not have to come anywhere, you can get advice anywhere from the Cura mobile application as long as you have a good and stable internet connection.


How will I contact the doctor or therapist?

To contact the doctor, this requires downloading the Cura application for users, you can find it on the store of your device’s system, and through simple steps you can open your account, the next step is to choose the right doctor and consult him. You can communicate with the doctor through four methods, writing, audio recording, voice communication, and video communication. All this takes place within the tele-consultation.


Does using Cura App is enough instead of visiting outpatient clinics and hospitals?

Of course not. Cura covers more than 60% of the reasons for your visit to outpatient clinics, such as asking for initial opinions, medical advice and guidance, second specialized opinion, follow-ups, refilling prescription medications and consultations in which the doctor reaches a diagnosis from the medical history and information without the need for a clinical examination. Cura is not an outpatient clinic or hospital, and therefore, the patient is indispensable for clinical examination, examination, x-ray, and procedures that take place within clinics.


How much confidentiality will I have?

Cura guarantees you complete confidentiality, so no one can see what is going on within the consultation except you, your therapist and the medical supervisor to assess the quality to ensure your right, as all data is encrypted in the application servers. Also, any information can never be circulated.


Are there appointments with the doctors at Cura and why?

In general and especially in specialized consultations, Cura adopts the immediate and rapid “on-demand” communication model with doctors, especially in specialized consultations. The appointments are replaced by the system of availability cases determined by the doctor. When the doctor’s case is yellow, he will respond within 24 hours as a maximum. When the doctor’s case is green, he answers within 6 hours as a maximum. Appointments are only set for health care programs.


What is Cura Premium membership and what is its benefit?

Cura Premium membership is a subscription and monthly payment membership that is only useful for people who consult a doctor. Its feature gives the user an unlimited number of free instant consultations. In addition to one free professional consultation every month with a consultant or specialist, and any additional consultation is at a special discount only for membership holders of up to 40%.


How much is the subscription fee for Cura Premium membership?

Subscription to Cura Premium membership is 114 riyals per month, and the subscription is automatically renewed if the subscription is not canceled before the renewal date through the application settings.


Can I request a review on the specialized consultation after its completion?

Yes, the validity of the free review request is 14 days from the date of the specialized consultation request.

Can I see the price of a doctor’s consultation before requesting it?

Yes, by entering the doctor’s profile and clicking on the consult now icon.


When will the consultation be answered after its request?

The doctor usually states the number of hours expected for a response in their profile.


Does the consultation close when the time indicated on the timer at the top of the screen expires?

The timer shown at the top of the screen calculates your actual communication with your doctor, and when the timer expires, the doctor will be able to extend the consultation time for an additional 10 minutes.


What happens if the doctor does not respond at the specified time?

The system automatically deposits the paid amount into the user’s balance inside the app, and the user can request a refund to the bank account or card according to the method in which the payment was made. If the advice is covered by a health insurance, the number of consultations consumed will be updated and restored so that the user can request further advice on health insurance.


Can I get a refund for my monthly Cura Premium membership?

The subscription amount or the monthly subscription renewed to Cura Premium Membership cannot be refunded.


Why is professional advice still not free even though my Cura Premium membership is valid?

Cura Premium membership provides one free professional advice in non-subspecialties, whose price is 108 riyals or less.


How do I recover my account login data?

By clicking on the “Forgot Password” option appearing on the application’s login screen


Can I update my data registered in the application?

Yes, you can update your information registered in the application by contacting the technical support team through your email registered in the account at the technical support email or through your account in the application via the technical support clinics located at the bottom of the list of medical specialties.


What are the conditions for return and exchange?

It is possible to recover the value of the specialist consultation in the event that a medical opinion is not provided according to the available information or if the doctor thinks the inability to form a medical opinion. The doctor will be replaced by another doctor if the specialty was chosen by mistake or if the doctor thinks it is not within his specialization. In the event that the doctor does not commit to respond within 24 hours, the consultation amount will be deposited in the client’s wallet as a balance and a refund can be requested to the bank or card. Likewise, the monthly subscription amount in Cura Premium membership cannot be recovered, because doctors ’scheduling is based on the number of subscribers, and the unused immediate counseling balance is not carried over to the next month. As for free specialized consultations, they remain in the customer’s balance to be used whenever he wants and the amount cannot be retrieved.