Balance Recharge Guide

(Bank Wire Transfer + STCPay)

We support balance recharge by either Wire Bank Transfer or by using STCPay.

Bank Wire Transfer

Curative Care Company for Communication and Information Technology – (C.R. 1010482223)


Al Rajhi Bank

IBAN Number: SA7180000611608010028851

Account number: 611608010028851



The Saudi Investment Bank

IBAN Number: SA0865000000148449449001

Account number: 0148449449001



National Commercial Bank

IBAN number: SA7310000062500000061102

Account number: 62500000061102



Technical support related to the purchase


WhatsApp sales number‬


To recharge your balance, please send the image of the bank transfer to the email or WhatsApp along with the UserID on the app settings page

An explanatory video of how to charge the balance


To Recharge using STC Pay

Open STCPay app, under ‘Services’ Section, choose ‘Business Payments’, Search and choose ‘Cura’ and specify the amount you want to recharge your balance with and click ‘Confirm’.

Make sure you keep a copy of the wire transfer screenshot so you send it to us